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AIXIA is a brand originating in Japan that focuses closely on materials to assure the happiness of people and pets, and that constantly proposes appropriate new product modes.
Brand Symbol


Our brand symbol begins and ends with ai, the Japanese word for “love,” in reference to the abundant love between people and their pets, with an “x” in the middle representing the strong bonds connecting them.
The second “i” takes the form of an exclamation mark to punctuate our commitment to inspiring people with “Genuineness, Originality and lngenuity.”

The AIXIA brand colors are red and orange.
Red expresses our love for our work and our passion for realizing a “happy life with pets.” Orange represents the tenderness and inspiration we package in every product and service.

Brand Slogan

あいする、しあわせ。(To Love Is Happiness)

Our brand slogan expresses our desire to “share the meaning, joy and happiness of loving more deeply with others,” and our promise to “cultivate affection between people and their pets to bring happiness to life.”

Brand statement

Our Vision
Creating Happiness through Life with Pets

Contentment, satisfaction and a widening ring of communication achieved by living with pets. . . .
Our mission is to do everything possible to cultivate interaction between people and pets and between people and people in order to share inspiration and joy in various life situations.

Our Value
Genuineness, Originality and Ingenuity

The products and services we provide contribute to a meaningful life.
To ensure this, we insist on superior-quality materials and make the most of our originality and ingenuity.
Placing the highest priority on safety and physical compatibility, we have prepared a varied product lineup to satisfy pets with various characteristics and tastes, taking the lifestyles of their owners fully into consideration.
For pets, we offer additional "happiness", "enjoyment" and "delicious flavors".
For pet owners, we offer "safety", "intimacy" and "comfort".

Our Personality
With Sincerity & Passion

We listen sincerely to our customers’views and treat pets lovingly.
We direct sincere consideration to making people’s lives more comfortable and happier with the aim of realizing one new mentally and physically compatible product and service after another.